Pratheat Biomass Power Plant

Pratheat village, Kampong Cham province, Cambodia
Project 2: Biomass Power Plant
Project 1: Solar Farm
Speu village, Kampong Cham province, Cambodia
Project 3: Acquisition of an Independent Local Power Producer
Biomass Power Plant
Biomass Fuel Drying Area
Pratheat Plant Office (closed - after hours)
Biomass Gas Turbine Generators
Biomass Gasifier System
Although this particular biomass plant is not Sun-eee's and belongs to our Independent Power Producer (IPP) partner, it is located at the same place and services the same village. Our IPP partner also believes in bringing renewable energy to Cambodia.
While Sun-eee is focused on solar energy, our IPP partner chose to implement biomass energy instead. It is quite powerful at 150 kW, yet is cheap and does not deplete our planet's resources.